How it Started

Yellowfin Distillery was founded by Sulphur, LA resident Jamison Trouth. In 2007, during his senior year in Chemical Engineering at McNeese State University, he decided to put his degree to good use and began experimenting with making vodka with hopes that he could one day open a distillery. After graduation, he went to work in the local petrochemical industry but he never stopped working on his dream. In late 2014, he decided that the time was right. He sold his home, quit his job, cashed in his retirement funds and started working on his distillery!

He finished the first batch on Christmas Day 2016 and the distillery opened to the public in April 2017. After the first month of distribution to local retailers in November 2017, he was able to hire his first employee and continue the journey.

Jamison felt that a genuine craft vodka should be made from scratch, start to finish, using local ingredients. So instead of purchasing alcohol in bulk from larger corporations and calling it handmade as many distilleries do, he did the opposite. Yellowfin Vodka is proudly made from locally sourced, Non-GMO cane sugar and is fermented, distilled, filtered and bottled at Yellowfin Distillery in Sulphur, Louisiana.

The Brand

It was important that the brand honor one of Louisiana's natural resources and accurately represent the quality of the product. And since Jamison’s other passion is spearfishing, Yellowfin was perfect. Anglers travel to Louisiana every day and pay thousands of dollars for the opportunity to land one of these beautiful fish. While the experience is well worth the cost, the real prize is in the culinary quality of the meat that is harvested. Yellowfin tuna are a Gulf Coast delicacy and are often enjoyed rare or lightly seared, just as quality vodka can be enjoyed ‘neat’ or ‘straight up.’

And of course, the labels hold a few personal touches that honor the brand. The shape of the front label is an aerial silhoette of a boat. The background images on both the front and back labels are photos taken on one of Jamison’s spearfishing trips in the Gulf of Mexico. Each letter of the custom Yellowfin font was created from Poseidon’s Trident and the font begins and ends with fishing barbs.

How It's Made

First, sugar is dissolved to prep for fermentation. Once cooled, yeast is pitched and fermentation begins. The yeast consumes the sugar and converts it to alcohol. Once the sugar solution is converted to sugar wine, beverage alcohol is extracted from the wine using a custom designed distillation system with 22 stages of separation, ensuring maximum purity and alcohol recovery. After distillation, the neutral spirit is diluted from 95% to 40% alcohol by volume. Before bottling, the product undergoes a two day, five stage reactive filtration that removes impurities and provides a delicate polish that results in a genuine craft vodka you’re sure to fall in love with!