Jamison Trouth


Sulphur, Louisiana resident Jamison Trouth is the founder of Yellowfin Distillery and creator of Yellowfin Vodka. While studying chemical engineering at McNeese State University, he began making vodka from Louisiana sugar with hopes of one day opening a vodka distillery. After graduation in 2007, he saved money for seven years while working as a process engineer in local industry. He then sold his home, quit his job in 2014 and Yellowfin Distillery was born. The first batch was completed Christmas Day 2016 and the distillery opened to the public in April 2017. After the first month of distribution to local retailers in November 2017, he hired his best friend and continued the journey!

LA Sugar cane fields


Jamison feels strongly that a genuine craft vodka should be made from scratch, start to finish, using local ingredients. So instead of purchasing alcohol in bulk from larger corporations and calling it handmade or handcrafted as some do, he distills Yellowfin Vodka from non-GMO, gluten-free cane sugar sourced from Gramercy, LA. Yellowfin contains no residual fermentation sugars and zero post distillation additives or sweeteners. Fermentation, distillation, filtration and packaging all take place under one roof at Yellowfin Distillery in Southwest Louisiana.

Front and Back Labels


The brand Yellowfin was inspired by Jamison’s other passion, offshore spearfishing. The background images on both the front and back labels are photos taken on one of his spearfishing trips in the Gulf of Mexico. The front label is shaped like a boat. And each letter of the custom Yellowfin font was created from an image of Poseidon’s Trident. The brand also highlights one of America’s coastal resources, Yellowfin Tuna. These beautiful fish are revered for their rich but clean flavor, perfectly suited for rare applications or to simply stand alone. These qualities are exactly what Jamison hopes you find in his product!

Yellowfin Distillery Process

How it's Made

First, sugar is dissolved to prep for fermentation. Once cooled, yeast is pitched and fermentation begins. The yeast consumes the sugar and converts it to alcohol. Once the sugar solution is transformed into sugar wine, beverage alcohol is extracted from the wine using a custom designed distillation system with 22 stages of separation, ensuring maximum purity and alcohol recovery. After distillation, the neutral spirit is diluted from 95% to 40% alcohol by volume. Before bottling, the product undergoes a two day, five stage reactive filtration that removes impurities and provides a delicate polish that results in a genuine craft vodka you’re sure to fall in love with!

The KIng Cake with mint

Tasting Notes

The best way to understand and appreciate the complexity and quality of Yellowfin Vodka is to sip it at room temperature from a 4-5 ounce snifter. It is anything but a typical, traditional vodka. The usual rubbing alcohol smell and taste are not present in Yellowfin. It has a pleasant aroma and the smooth finish is second to none. Because of its unique characteristics, Yellowfin also mixes differently than most vodkas. Try Yellowfin in a vodka soda, vodka tonic or cosmopolitan made with lemon instead of lime and you’ll never want them any other way. Yellowfin and Dolin Dry Vermouth compliment one another for an amazing classic martini, 2oz Yellowfin, 1oz vermouth (1/4oz olive juice or maraschino cherry juice optional for a dirty or bloody martini). Vodka isn’t something that would typically be paired with sweet tea but Yellowfin and sweet tea are a dangerously delicious mixture. Mules and Lemon Drop Martinis made with Yellowfin are particularly exceptional. It’s also perfectly suited to stand alone or enjoy on the rocks with a squeeze of lemon, lime or both.


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